Monday, March 27, 2006

No Spoon

I just tried to change the photo on my profile. Blogger didn't like the one I picked to upload - it said it "did not have enough extension". That's one of the reasons I gave up on baton lessons when I was a kid. The older girl down the street from us who did the teaching kept telling me I didn't have enough extension.

The picture I tried to upload is really cool. It's an extreme close-up of a spoon on slab of corragated metal - good shadows, really grainy, nice reflections & contrasts.

I wish I could send a picture of that spoon to someone and have them know just exactly what I mean. Some images are just not between the arrangement of any words and it just makes it worse to try to fit them in there somewhere.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Can a Good Man Ever Win?

I was just taking a peek at the March edition of The Iowa Source which includes the results of our annual reader's restaurant poll. There was a quote from a woman saying she always makes a man take her to Taste on Melrose before she has sex with them.

Jeez, I've got a new boyfriend who I really like but so far I've given him the flower, I'm doing the cooking for his friends tomorrow night, he spends a whole lot of his time at work surfing the 'net but has never bothered to read any of my columns or anything else I have published on the electronic ether (he gives me his writing ALL the time & it's very damn good, BTW) and he has this habit of telling me how "pretty" this or that woman is on a frequent basis (I'm "hot" & "striking" but not, apparently "pretty".)

Okay, okay - he is wonderful in so many ways I'm not mentioning here and he's sweet as pie and has a wisdom and generosity of spirit that's incredibly awesome. As a matter of fact - he asks about reading my poetry all the time and I suppose "hot and striking" just might be analagous to pretty. Poor guy, if he were telling me I was "pretty", I'd probably be miffed that he wasn't telling me I was "hot & striking". Oh dear, can a good man ever win?

I'm sooooooo tired right now. I've worked about 9073 hours this week. I really like my new job. I actually get to think and my boss actually values my work. Imagine that!