Sunday, November 05, 2006

"I Can Handle It"

I'm taking off for a while gang. I leave you with this from the superoptimist gang.

New Official Slogan for 2007 announced!

At the recent International Council of Superoptimists meeting which took place over the last weekend in Calgary, Canada, a new all-purpose optimistic slogan was adopted as the official slogan for the year 2007.

“I can handle it!”

The slogan “I can handle it!” is exactly the kind of thing Superoptimists like to hear in the event of:

1) car crash
2) hostile divorce
3) nuclear incident
4) spoiled, chunky milk
5) dog mess on rug
6) avian flu
7) abcessed tooth
8) middl aged weight gain
9) terrorist incursions
10) stinky kitty box
11) more incompetent political leadership
12) another meeting at work
13) laundry, dishes and trash
14) venereal warts
15) leprosy
16) abject poverty
17) impulse control problem
18) another bad relationship
19) genocide
20) neighborhood arson attacks
21) even more budget cuts
22) bad stye on the eye
23) another friend bought an SUV

Only One time?

I've added a few links. The new headliner (Jackson Katz!) is dedicated to the resident who responded to a patient revealing to him this morning that she had been raped by saying "only one time". I care about the patient involved very much and have not judged her to be an exaggerator in any way. In fact, she is refreshingly honest and direct.

I very calmly addressed him about his response and he denied saying it. But when I first raised the question of the comment he seemed confused and said "Did I say that?" as if he were asking the question of himself but he then proceeded to say the problem was the patient's perception My gut tells me he did say it and did not wish to admit that fact to me.

I really don't care about that. He got called on it and that needed to happen. Hey, I'm wrong a lot but on this one my intution is fairly secure.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cormac Letter


- - - -

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading the article on Tuesday about putting a traffic light by the interchange of Castillo and Grand Streets. I aint know nothing about politics, but I seen too many cars hit too many light poles over the years. A man gets weary of it.

Just yesterday, my wife said be careful at that stop sign.

Why? I asked.

Well just a week ago the Johnsons got sideswiped by that guy who sells those turquoise stickpins in his shop on Esmeralda.

I forgot about that, I responded. And sure enough, I was careful at that stop sign. But the driver in back of me wasnt.

A truck carrying a load of lumber down from the old ancient pine forests or the newfound wrath of a somnolent god or just the terror of fading memories hit the driver square on the left side of his Volvo.

Oh shit, the driver said, just before his life escaped into an incarnadine tributary on his steering wheel.

I dont want to see that again. A traffic light is needed, and that soon. Or we will continue to inhibit our temporary souls which wait like cowed children at stop signs, as it always was before those signs crept like stalks from the Earth.


C. McCarthy
Santa Fe

ripped from mcsweeneys

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Don't Get SAD

Put On Your Happy Pie!

It’s a documented fact that during the Fall and Winter, the decreased amount of sunlight can lead some people to feel kind of “down” or “dopey” or “lethargic.” It’s called “seasonal affective disorder” or SAD. And the direct opposite of a state of mind called “superoptimistic.” What’s not so readily known to many SAD sufferers is that a very simple thing can relieve many of these symptoms. And that thing is to jump out of bed, run out the door, and get some pie.

Strawberry-Rhubarb pie.
Peanut Butter pie.
Pumpkin pie.
Chocolate Cream pie.

And if that seems a limited list, may we suggest a group of dedicated enthusiasts who have a “treasure” map to the best local pies joints in your neighborhood. Go to this site below and hit the “pie map” link and you’re on your way to putting on your happy pie!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Due to the effects of...

Panhandler: I am a Vietnam veteran. I cannot work due to the effects of Agent Orange. Agent Orange was used in Vietnam to kill all the vegetarians.

--Uptown R train

Overheard by: Goueznou