Thursday, April 27, 2006

MDB Update

Well, it's been a while. Sorry to leave you hanging with the news of falling in love and disaster photos of Iowa City. I have little to say about the tornado. I missed it. I mean, I heard the sirens and the hail and saw people staring at the sky but I was so bloody exhausted I just stayed in bed and hoped it wasn't my time. In retrospect that was NUTS but in the moment it seemed perfectly reasonable. The destruction of the thing was massive - given that it's a miracle no one died and no one was seriously injured physically. Emotionally I know it will be very difficult for those who lost everything. I've been there and it's very, very hard.

On to happier things - being in love!! It's wonderful and so is Marc. I promised to share a little bit about him so here goes. He's 36 (ahhh, those younger men) and a poet but, get this (!!!!), he actually has a real job. He works in human services helping people perfect their job skills. The main thing is he's just about the sweetest and most kind man I've ever known, while at the same time being wicked smart and delightfully witty.

He's certainly not perfect, that's for sure. Last weekend he tried to make me watch some superhero comic book movie on the Cartoon Network and he's a total freakazoid about his trash - esp. meat trash - don't even ask. My father would have LOVED this.

Other News:

There is a new link on my blog - OurMedia. Check it out if you want.

Lisa Phillips' NPR book is out! It's wonderful, of course. Her publisher sent an advance copy (thanks, Josh!) 'cause I'm going to be doing an interview with wonderful Lisa for a local paper.

Anne Watts of the "Anne & the Boys" link was featured on Morning Edition a few weeks back speaking of NPR. If you hit the link, it links you to the piece.

It sounds like my Mom and my siblings and nieces and nephew had a pretty nice Easter cruise. I work so much I hardly ever get to talk to anyone anymore but that's the word.

Speaking of work - people are friggin' nuts, you know that? The pettiness and litigousness of this culture is VERY disheartening. The zap-fast-speed at which people just threaten to sue one another over any little thing is B I Z A R R E - that word is a euphemism in case you were wondering.

Oh well, that's the MDB update. Much love...All the Best...Kindest Regards....Peace.