Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LARB News!!

Announcing the debut of LARB ePubs:

Now available on the Amazon Kindle store for $4.99:

A compilation of some of the best of the first six months of the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Featured articles:

Ben Ehrenreich on “the death of the book.”
David Shields on the thin line between life and art.
Geoff Nicholson on Buster Keaton, the Human Mop.
Laurie Winer reads the novels of Glenn Beck (so you don't have to).
Joshua Clover on economic prediction and the financial crisis.
Louise Steinman on Jacob Glatstein’s The Glatstein Chronicles.
Lisa Jane Persky on literary tattoos.
Jean Stein talks to Dennis Hopper and Terry Southern about life with Larry Flynt.

Please buy one, and tell your friends; this is a great way to support the LARB!


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